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What you need to complete a Microblading Treatment


Microblading is a huge eyebrow trend at the moment. Brows account for 80% of all PMU treatments, with Microblading being the favourite method with most clients. That’s because the results are natural and the fine strokes created with the microblading tool give the effect being of real hair. It’s no surprise that so many technicians are training in this skill to meet the demands of their client base. Here is what you need to complete a Microblading treatment:

1. Client forms

There is paperwork required to be completed before any treatment. Client’s are not always delighted at the prospect of filling out forms, but it’s essential for the safety of both client and technician equally. Your insurance company will demand that each client has a full set of signed and dated forms, kept securely for a certain amount of time (dictated by each company). Here is what you will need:

  • Pre-Treatment Advice Form
  • Sensitivity Patch Test Form
  • General Consent & Disclosure Form
  • Consultation Form
  • Anaesthetic Consent Form
  • Medical Health Form
  • Aftercare Advice Form

2. Patch-test kit

Each client must have a patch test to rule out any allergic reaction to the products you are using. Dispense a small amount of K.B Pro pigment into one test pot and a small amount of anaesthetic into another test pot. Place them into an envelope along with 2 K.B Pro Minibuds and 2 hypoallergenic plasters. Send this to your client along with the Sensitivity Patch Test form, which contains all instructions necessary to perform the test at home.

3. K.B Pro Pigments

These are amazing pigments to perform a Microblading treatment with and choosing a suitable colour for each individual is really easy. There are 4 light colours, 4 medium colours and 4 dark colours. There are also 3 adjuster colours so you can slightly alter the tones if necessary. Colour theory can be tricky sometimes, but the K.B Pro method of selection is made as simple as possible so there’s less chance of error. The K.B Pro Pigments also heal very true to colour, so there is very little guesswork involved in your choices.

4. K.B Pro Pencil, K.B Pro Ruler & K.B Pro Brow Guides

A Microblading treatment always starts with good design. The K.B Pro Pencil is a fab drawing tool and creates really fine hair strokes which mark out the template ready for treatment. If you like to draw freehand then the K.B Po Ruler is the perfect measuring tool, giving you the freedom to be creative. If you are not confident with the artistry stage of the process, then you could use the K.B Pro Brow Guide. This comes in three different sizes (low arch, medium arch and high arch) and is used to give you the top-line of the brow design. This is also an excellent tool if you are working on clients with hair loss and therefore have no natural starting point.

5. Microblades

The K.B Pro Glider is available soon, but until then we recommend using the Midas range of blades. We also use SofTap shading needles for the more advanced brow styles.

6. Consumables

These salon essentials will be needed during the design process to ensure a perfect template before the treatment begins.

  • Concealer Palette or Pencil
  • Tweezers
  • B Pro Brow Shaper
  • Mirror

You will need various consumables during treatment to set up and clean down your station to keep you and your client safe and hygienic.  These include:

  • Baby wipes
  • Barrier film
  • K.B Pro Minibuds
  • Pigment ring
  • White tray
  • Face mask
  • Head bonnet
  • Apron
  • Bed bag
  • Gloves x 3 pairs
  • Magnifying glasses (if required)
  • Glamcor lamp or head torch
  • Cavillon spray (or any liquid plaster)
  • Couch roll
  • Chemgene Wipes
  • Chemgene Spray
  • Needle Box
  • Clinical Waste bag/bin

Once you have performed your Microblading treatment you will need to give your client thorough aftercare advice. Every technician will have their own preferred aftercare routine, and they can vary from dry-healing to daily ointments and everything in between. Here at K.B Pro we recommend using pure coconut oil from day 5 onwards to gently exfoliate the brows and encourage healing.

A full treatment is a two-part process, the first session will take 2-3 hours and the second around 60-90 minutes. And that’s it!

Everything you need for a Microblading treatment is available in our online shop