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Intrigued by the life-changing possibilities a career in permanent makeup or microblading (or both!) opens up? Start your new career from home with K.B Pro and come out of lockdown with a new skill!

Take on the challenge with our five inspiring goals. And the best part – you can begin them all now, during lockdown. 

Goal 1: Learn a creative skill

Microblading allows you to create super-realistic hair stroke brows that will never smudge. How are they created? Using a handheld tool and superfine needles, cosmetic pigment is implanted into skin to mimic brow hairs. Create volumised brows, enhance shape or restore hair loss. You can begin your training now with our easy-access, online webinars.

Sound interesting? Discover our Microblading training.

Digital permanent makeup is similar A cosmetic tattoo machine is used to implant pigment into the skin to create beautifully defined browsWith this technique, you can even create permanent eyeliner for perfect wings every day and kiss-proof (mask-prooflipstick that’s matched to a selected shade (MAC’s Velvet Teddy is a firm fave). 

Our K.B Pro blended training allows you to get ahead in your new career online from the comfort of your own home – of course, you’ll join us in-academy later to complete your training. Our award-winning expertise is quite literally at your fingertips. 

Discover more about Permanent Makeup training.

microbladed eyebrows

Goal 2: Become your own boss (and make ALL the decisions) 

 Even if you love your job, you probably dream of being your own boss somedaywhich means a career in PMU or microblading is for you. 

Ditch the commute and create a schedule that’s your ownalongside building a career just the way you want it, doing something you love.  

Our easy-to-access training will leave you feeling inspired, ready to begin your beauty empire. Our courses are designed by the ultimate permanent makeup beauty boss herself, Karen Betts, who also founded leading, professional beauty brands, Nouveau Lashes and HD Brows. 

Whether you want some extra income or to create your very own beauty business just like Karen, your only limit is YOU. 

Become a Boss

Goal 3: Take charge of your work-life balance 

No matter what career you’re in, creating a healthy work-life balance is essential for a happy and productive lifestyle. It’s no secret that when we’re overworked, our personal routine becomes affected too. But aa permanent makeup beauty boss and business owner, you can manage a work-life blend that perfectly suits you. 

And who better to hear this from than one of our own trained artists? 

We had a lot of preparation training before working on a real-life model and I felt pretty confident when the time came. It’s was a great course all in all and felt confident when I walked away to treat my own clients. The good thing is that I felt they were thorough so they only pass you if they feel confident you will be safe to practice. – Anna Marie Bowser


Begin your career as a permanent makeup or microblading artist to balance both your work and life passions. No more missing friends’ celebrations or children’s parties! (This is a good thing, right?!)

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Goal 4: Earn doing something you love 

At K.B Pro, we want to bring your passion for beauty to life, allowing you to begin your successful career in permanent cosmetics now. 

Alongside the huge earning potential, our trained artists develop a passion for both their creativity and clients. Don’t just take our word for it. 

Embrace your creativity whilst earning an amazing salary.

 See your earning potential now.

Goal 5: Help change lives 

From everyday brow transformations (we’ve all seen the overplucked 90s!) to medical tattooing, the impact can be life-changing, and all of this can be achieved with permanent makeup. 

 From alopecia brow clients to nipple and areola reconstruction to scar and burn treatments, medical PMU is a highly rewarding career that allows you to positively change people’s lives. Begin your career in digital permanent makeup and progress your training to gift people with confidence.  

 If you want to give back and empower people around youyou’ve found the perfect career path.

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Microbladed eyebrows

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