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Prime and prep a closer look at this unique foaming cleanser

Prime and prep a closer look at this unique foaming cleanser
Prime and prep a closer look at this unique foaming cleanser

Making sure the skin is prepped and primed is essential to successful PMU. Not only does the skin have to be clear of any makeup or oil, but it has to be free of bacteria also. This foaming primer gently exfoliates the skin whilst optimising the skin for PMU using micellar activity.


Using a combination of salicylic acid and witch hazel, this primer exfoliates the skin gently, softening and allowing for better penetration of other substances (which in this case is pigment). These ingredients also minimise excess oils and sebum which can sometimes impede retention, meaning that clients with oilier skin types will see better results when this primer is used.

Rather than using a harsh alcohol wipe which can dry the skin, the key ingredients act as an antimicrobial cleanser, eliminating bacteria from the treatment area and preventing infection which could lead to suboptimal healing.

The gentle formulation also acts to smooth and tone skin, as well as soothe itching using the anti-pruritic properties of witch hazel. The reduction of discomfort and softer scabbing will discourage the client from scratching or disturbing the treatment site, which in turn leads to better healing overall.


Alcohol wipes are common practice for PMU artists trying to disinfect and prime skin, however we know this can be too harsh for clients and result in angry, red abrasions and sometimes allergic reactions. Using Prime & Prep in combination with Cleanse & Perfect is a more professional method of skin prep, which not only feels more luxurious for the client, but will enhance the final result.

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