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Permanent lip colour treatments rise in popularity

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The lip blush trend has certainly risen to popularity recently (290k #LipBlush posts on Instagram!) with lip tattooing being widely considered as an alternative to lip fillers, to create the illusion of natural volume and fullness. Permanent lip colour treatments can also balance asymmetrical lips and even out uneven tones in the lip tissue. Not to mention it’s mask-proof and smudge-free!  

Lips come in all different shapes, sizes and colours. They are not often even in tone, and it is common to see asymmetry in most clients. 

Lip blush treatments can be a very subtle washes of colour for cosmetic purposes, or life-changing procedures which give the gift of confidence to those who have more serious reasons for treatment. 

What is lip blush?  

The lip blushing treatment involves using specialist pigments and a digital tattoo machine, to gently apply pigment into the lips to create a natural, long-lasting layer of colour.  

Pigment on the lips can look strong straight after a treatment but will eventually heal to look much softer. Because of the subtle finish this treatment gives, it is suitable for clients of all ages, whether it be to add definition to the lip line or give a fresh and youthful pop of colour throughout the lip volume. 

Lip colour treatment

Credit @linesbybaniahaidar

A K.B Pro team favourite is our shade Havana. It’s a beautiful, warm tone that can be used to lift a naturally cool-toned lip, achieving a fresh pink shade.  

“My Havana pigment adds a rich warmth to the lips, the healed result will also suit any skin tone or lip colour – it is such a versatile pigment shade.” – Karen  

Can a lip blush correct uneven pigmentation of the lips?   

Clients with darker spots on the lips often look for their lip colour treatment to result in a fully even tone. However, this treatment can only neutralise darker shades rather than lighten them. It is important to manage your client’s expectations.  

Like hyperpigmentation of the lips, discolouration can occur due to factors such as sun exposure, ageing or just your natural skin tone. Permanent makeup can also correct lip discolouration for client’s who would like to subtly alter their natural appearance.  

Can a permanent lip colour make lips appear fuller?

A Lip Blush treatment can often make a client’s lips appear fuller and more symmetrical.   

Our founder and esteemed permanent makeup artist Karen Betts, says “Lip blushing has the potential to give back youthfulness in a client’s lips, this can be done by enhancing the borders and creating even definition.  

“A great technique for a plumping effect is to create density on the outer borders of the lip which reflects where a shadow naturally sits, leaving the lightest part of the lip in the centre.   

”I love to create this look with my K.B Pro lip pigments in the shades San Pedro and San Diego . 

 ” This technique is also known as ombre lips, mimicking the popular ombre makeup effect.  

This is why lip tattoos are often a great alternative for lip fillers – the appearance of a fuller lip comes from applying more colour or a defined border to the lips instead of injecting them.  

How do you create a lip blush?  

There are varied techniques for creating a softer looking permanent lipstick or lip blush. The final outcome may depend on both the technique and use of products, for example, a more natural finish can be achieved using a pigment dilutor such as our Aruba pigment dilutor.  

Aruba can help create a softer hue or colour on the lips by making your chosen pigment shade more transparent. By adding just two or three drops of Aruba, the pigment diffuses, giving you the flexibility to create even more beautifully bespoke blends.  

Another top tip from our founder Karen is to ensure that your client’s lip tone is one even shade before treatment, this will help you achieve the desired soft, evenly distributed hue on the lips. You can achieve this even base during earlier appointments by minimising any irregularities in colour or tone beforehand.   

“K.B Pro lip pigment in the shade San Diego is a light natural lip colour, which can be mixed with another colour to create a softer hue.”  

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