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Microblading Vs Nanoblading: What’s the difference?


You’ve only got to flick through a glossy magazine or scroll down your social media feed to see a mention of Nanoblading! But what exactly is it?

Nanoblading has been hailed as the new alternative to microblading, but to explain the difference between the two techniques, we’ll first need to recap on exactly what microblading is.

Microblading is a brow treatment that uses a handheld tool with ultra-fine pins that create a channel in the upper dermis of the skin into which cosmetic pigment can be implanted. There are many different sizes, arrangements and flexibilities of pins to create different effects.

Permanent Makeup (using a specialist cosmetic tattoo machine)
The traditional digital method of permanent makeup also uses needles of different sizes and configurations, but these are implanted into the skin performing micro perforations in the shape of a fine hair stroke to mimic the natural hair strokes our brows would naturally have.

Nanoblading is a unique technique, performed using specialist needles in the digital machine.

Nanoblading creates beautifully realistic hair strokes

The finest singular needle on the market (the Nano NT Needle) allows full creative freedom for the artist performing the treatment. This needle used with our unique nanoblading technique results in the finest, defined yet fluffy looking hair-strokes that are comparable to that of the microblading strokes, and in some cases appear even more refined.

Despite the name, neither microblading or nanoblading utilises a blade.

Director of K.B Pro, Karen Betts says: “Nanoblading appears to be the new ‘it’ word for a brow treatment. I call the brows I create ‘Realism Brows’.

When I am applying advanced work on a client with alopecia, I usually combine two techniques; I start with a hand-held tool (microblade) to add the initial strokes, then I’ll pick up my Nouveau Contour digital machine and use several needles to add different thicknesses of strokes – especially in the body of the brow. Using a digital machine allows you to create fullness, which results in a more realistic looking brow. What’s more, the digital machine allows you to use more advanced techniques such as cross-stroking, which contrasts perfectly with the fluffy texture you can create with a microblade and again, creates a truly realistic looking brow for my clients.”

Want to learn more about Nanoblading and master the art of beautifully crisp hair strokes? We are currently offering a Nanoblading Masterclass that you can find more about by clicking here.