K.B Pro Insider

Merry Christmas from K.B Pro!


It’s Christmas Eve and almost time for Santa to visit! We hope that you’re all excited ready to spend this Christmas with your nearest and dearest. We wanted to leave you all with a special message before we go home for the holidays…

‘Twas the night before Christmas, & all through the land
Not a PMU Artist was stirring, all the clinics unmanned;
IQ machines switched off, put away with care,
Not even the sign of a Microblade was there;
Pigment bottles stacked, the essentials put away,
It was time to look forward to Christmas Day;
For their mission was complete, another year in hand,
Beautiful brows, lips & liner to meet the demand;
With the help of K.B Pro, they’d made dreams come true,
Giving the gift of confidence to both & and you;
So to all our friends & students, we say with delight,
MERRY CHRISTMAS to all, & to all a good night!

From all of us at K.B Pro®, we wish you a very merry, safe and happy Christmas!