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Medical Practitioners: Supplement your income with our Medical Tattooing course

Medical Practitioners: Supplement your income with our Medical Tattooing course

Most people working within the medical field have a desire to give back to their patients. Whether it’s giving back by helping them to defeat an illness, giving the best care plan or simply giving peace of mind through your expertise, we know that there is no better feeling. At K.B Pro, we are huge advocates of giving confidence back through the power of permanent makeup, especially with our medical tattooing course.

Our expert permanent makeup for full face and areola training course offers the perfect natural progression for those working within the medical industry – not only allowing you to supplement your income, but also allowing you to give the gift of confidence to your clients.

Designed by the UK’s leading Permanent and Paramedical Makeup pioneer, Karen Betts, our courses are second to none. Karen has long been thought of as a pioneer in paramedical makeup and her expert work on the inspiring Alex Lewis has only gone to show how skilled she is. Alex was affected by a rare Strep A infection that claimed all four of his limbs, his lips and surrounding mouth area. After cosmetic surgery to rebuild his mouth, Karen began work to create lips for Alex so that he could kiss his son once again. She also added micropigmentation Alex’s new mouth to help it blend into his existing skin.

Our courses are taught by Elite Artists that are all trained and handpicked by Karen. They will teach you how to:

  • Treat cancer survivors
  • Treat burns survivors (including acid burns)
  • Treat alopecia patients
  • Re-align cleft lips
  • Cover scars within the brows
  • Restore the areola

Additionally, you can master the art of highly-profitable hair stroke brows for the most natural and realistic results that your clients will love.

Enhance your career now.

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