K.B Pro® Glider: Your most frequently asked questions


We’re so excited that our amazing K.B Pro® Glider is now available for you to purchase. It’s been two years in the making, and we couldn’t be prouder of the fantastic new approach to microblading that the Glider has brought.

We understand that many of our permanent makeup and microblading artists have questions about our new tool and exactly how to use it. Today’s post is all about the most frequently asked questions that we’ve come across so far – we hope that you’ll find it helpful.

What is the Glider?
The K.B Pro® Glider is a microblading hand tool that was designed by Karen Betts in conjunction with her Elite Artists and one of the UK’s leading product designers.

The design was in development for two years and allows you to bring elements of digital permanent makeup to your microblading treatments thanks to the unique movements the Glider allows.

What are the benefits to using it?
Thanks to its one-use-only design, there is no risk of cross contamination between clients. It’s also the most comfortable tool available – with its light-weight design and unique shape, you’ll find the Glider incredibly light and easy to control. The unique needle angles give you an unobstructed view of the skin whilst you work for the most accurate placement and finest results.

The disposable interchangeable cartridges make the Glider quick and easy to use – the push-click self-aligning cartridges click into place with ease eliminating the need to screw the cartridges into place like some older microblade hand tool models.

Why has it taken so long to launch?
Our wonderful director, Karen Betts, is very much a perfectionist when it comes to her PMU work. As such, she is also a perfectionist when it comes to her tools! Karen wanted to ensure that the Glider design was perfect before the release date – it was vital that she designed a disposable hand tool with interchangeable needles that was ergonomic and that would aid artists to create their best work yet.  After the initial design, Karen took the time to test the Glider with her Elite Artist-Trainers, gather their feedback and make the necessary changes to ensure that the Glider offered the best microblading results along with ease of use.

How does it differ from other tools?
The Glider is a completely unique concept as it allows you to mimic the movements used in digital permanent makeup within your microblading treatments. It’s also a one-use only hand tool with interchangeable and disposable Cartridges which is uncommon on the Microblading market.

I’m a permanent makeup artist – do I need to retrain?
The Glider was designed to help the artist to mimic the movements and techniques used in permanent makeup – if you are already trained in permanent makeup, you won’t need to adopt any new movements or techniques.

What about the plastic wastage?
At a time when reducing plastic wastage is crucial, by switching cartridges between one handle during a treatment, material and wastage is reduced. This brings the cost of performing a microblading treatment down and helps the microblading artist to ultimately make more profit.

The hollow handle features only minimal internal plastic to retain structural strength.

How much will the Glider cost me per treatment?
Based on a treatment using three needle configurations, the Glider will cost you around £19.95 exc VAT per treatment.

Will it work if I’m left handed?

Yes! The Glider can be used whether you are left or right handed. The sleek, unique design was created to work comfortably and with great control whether you are left or right handed.

Can it be re-used?
We are committed to the health and safety of our PMU Artists and their clients alike which is why we designed the Glider to be a ‘one use’ tool. This eliminates the risk of cross contamination between clients and completely eradicates the need to autoclave and sterilise between treatments. The Glider and Cartridges must be disposed of safely and responsibly in a sharps box after use.

Can I use other pigments with it?
The Glider was designed to work in harmony with our own K.B Pro Brows Pigment range. Of course, the Glider can be used with other pigment brands, but with our triple-award-winning range and the most comprehensive colour selection, why go elsewhere?

Do the needles need replacing more often?
You will need to replace your needles after each client as you would with any other Microblading or Digital Machine treatment. The Glider and it’s components are to be disposed of correctly and safely in a sharps box after each treatment.

We hope our FAQ guide has helped to give you a better understand of the K.B Pro® Glider. Got a question we haven’t answered? Please call our friendly products team on 01977 655 642 or email [email protected] to speak to an advisor.