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Invisible Liner – Everything you need to know about the latest eyeliner trend

Invisible Liner – Everything you need to know about the latest eyeliner trend

We’re all searching for that one beauty treatment that subtly enhances our beauty and above all, lasts! Enter invisible eyeliner.

What is invisible eyeliner?

Otherwise known as lash enhancement, invisible eyeliner is a permanent makeup treatment that adds a subtle line through the base of your lashes to give your eye natural definition and the illusion of fuller lashes without the use of daily makeup. Perfect, right?

Why is it so popular?

There are so many reasons why everyone is loving invisible eyeliner mainly because it suits so many people! Whatever your age, style, or eye shape invisible eyeliner will is a natural look that never feels too ‘made up’.

It’s not just a black eyeliner that’s used, different pigment colours are used in each treatment to bring out the colour of the eyes!

How natural does the treatment look?

As seen by the popularity of treatments such as microblading – natural is key. Invisible eyeliner is all about enhancing your looks, not changing them. It’s the treatment that will help you wake up beautiful.

How long do the results last?

Dependent on your skin type and lifestyle, results for eyeliner treatments lasts from anything from 1 to 3 years.

Where can I train in this treatment?

If invisible eyeliner sounds like the treatment you need to offer in your salon there are K.B Pro eyeliner artist courses available at our specialist training academies. Treatments are also available with Karen Betts and her elite team at Karen Betts Professional.

So, will this be the beauty treatment that you want to offer in 2020?