K.B Pro Insider

Introducing the K.B Pro® Glider: The revolutionary hand tool fusing digital permanent makeup with microblading


The K.B Pro® Glider is officially here and we are so excited to introduce you to our brand new revolutionary hand tool! An innovative first, the stylish and feminine Glider has been created by K.B Pro director, Karen Betts, in conjunction with her Elite-Artists and one of the UK’s leading product designers.

But what makes the Glider so special? As well as being stylish and feminine, the Glider is actually pretty revolutionary – it allows the artist to mimic the movements that Karen uses herself in her digital permanent makeup treatments!

From unparalleled functionality and advantages, the Glider is the only microblading tool you’ll ever need.

Safety First
K.B Pro® are committed to health and safety which is why the handle and interchangeable cartridges are designed specifically for single-use – leaving absolutely no risk of cross contamination by the Glider from client to client.

The Glider arrives in sterile packaging meaning that it is protected from potentially dangerous contaminants. Thanks to the single-use design, there is no need for autoclaving or sterilisation.

The Glider handle is essentially hollow – it features only minimal internal plastic to retain structural strength. This means that the handle weighs in an incredibly light 10g making it extremely comfortable to use.

Comfort and control is at the forefront of the Gliders’ pioneering design. The unique shape gives you an unparalleled view of the needles whilst working in the skin for ultimate precision. The microblades are held perpendicular to the skin throughout the treatment preventing the migration of pigment.

Quick connection cartridges
The best brows are created using different needle configurations throughout the treatment. Therefore, the Glider cartridges have been designed to be interchanged easily and quickly with the push-fit system. This means no more timely and tricky screw-fittings – just fast, smooth transitions giving you more time to focus on perfecting your treatment.

The Needles
The medical grade stainless steel, sterilised microneedles incorporated into the Glider’s cartridges have been carefully selected for their outstanding performance in creating hair stroke brows. A needle guard is in place to keep the needles in perfect condition which is removed immediately before the treatment commences and can be reattached after use to avoid any accidental puncturing. The cartridges self-align and click into place instantly for the ultimate convenience.

At a time where reducing plastic wastage is crucial, by switching cartridges between one handle during a treatment, material and wastage are reduced which brings the cost of performing a microblading treatment down and helps you to ultimately make more profit.

Selective needle configurations
The needle configurations have been carefully selected by Karen to match the needles that she uses at her Harley Street clinic. The configurations allow you to perform the perfect microblading treatment to the highest standard whilst saving on cost.

The Glider has been designed by the most highly skilled permanent makeup and microblading artists within the UK, because K.B Pro® Artists deserve the best.