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How to harness the power of influencer marketing in your permanent makeup business


Influencer marketing is nothing new – for years big brands have used celebrity endorsements to help sell their product or services.

Back in 1984, Pepsi had sales of $7.7 billion thanks to their use of influencer marketing with the King of Pop, Michael Jackson! The brand kept making deals with music stars as their spokespeople and went on to work with Lionel Richie, Madonna, Beyonce, Pink and Britney Spears too (90’s children will never forget ‘the joy of Pepsi’ ad!) Thanks to making celebrities the faces of their brand, Pepsi saw profits rise and rise, and the power of influencer marketing was as prevalent as ever.

With the rise of YouTube and Instagram ‘stars’, it’s never been more accessible to find everyday people with a celebrity-like influence over a huge audience. Although it’s not realistic to get Cara Delevingne on the phone to head up your new brow campaign, you can adopt a savvy technique that will push your business in front of the masses – influencer marketing!

Image: Pepsi

So what exactly is an influencer? An influencer is the term that has been given to anybody who has an influence over an audience – they are a person that others look up to for advice and trust the opinion of. You can find influencers everywhere and in every business sector, but those who are on Twitter, YouTube and Instagram within your professional field and with a big following are the people that we’ll be focusing on today. So, how can you use the power of social influencers to help your business soar? Let us explain…

1. Collaborate
Collaborations are a wonderful, mutually beneficial way to work with influencers. Perhaps there’s a beauty YouTuber that has tons of followers that you’d like to tap in to? Find their contact details online (usually listed on their ‘about’ section) and introduce yourself and your brand. Remember, popular influencers receive hundreds of emails and offers each week so ensure that yours stands out by keeping that personal element. Perhaps you could offer your services (for example, a microblading treatment) in return for an Instagram post detailing their treatment with you.

2. Offer goods or services for review
Offering goods or services for review is a more organic way to try and reach the masses with social influencers. Usually the goods or services are given with no strings attached in the hope that the influencer will feature them on their social channels and share their experience with their viewers.

3. Agree to a paid advertisement
Influencers make most of their income through paid advertising features.  In this case, a clear plan will be drawn up of what you’d like the influencer to do. Perhaps you’d like a YouTube video that the influencer will create as they document their treatment with you. You can specify key messages that you’d like to get across within the content, key words you’d like in the title and the deadline. In some cases, you will be able to preview the video beforehand and give your direction on editing. The downside? Expect a hefty sum for the influencers with the most followers. The upside? You’ll get much more control over the content and a carefully constructed video that really sells your business to the masses.

4. Offer to guest post
Many influencers sometimes allow other people to guest post on their blogs. Guest posting is commonly misconceived as dying a death, but there are still tons of influencers out there who accept high quality guest posts that are a great match for their audience. Perhaps you could offer an insight on the myths about PMU or Microblading that might be an interesting read? Think of evocative subjects that prompt an emotional reaction for a winning combination.

No good at writing? Ask a friend to help or put your idea to your chosen influencer to look over. Many will be happy to help you in return for a great piece of content that drives traffic to their site.

Many influencers now have agencies that take care of their opportunities, so it’s a great idea to contact their representative to discuss potential options. Remember, it’s important to make sure that your chosen influencer has the right target market for you. Request a copy of their media pack (a small document detailing their social following statistics including the demographics of their audience) to ensure you’re on the right track before investing your time or money.