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How To Create a Bank of Content for Your Social Media

How To Create a Bank of Content for Your Social Media
How To Create a Bank of Content for Your Social Media

Running a business requires lots of your time, and on top of that you have to find a minute of the day to make sure your social media accounts are active and up to date. As we all know, social media is key when it comes to promoting your business and showing off your incredible PMU skills. Creating a bank of content that you can post from when you’re in a pinch for time is the perfect solution to this, and here are our top tips for helping you build that up.

  1. Take plenty of client photos! When taking before and after photos for insurance purposes, make sure to take a couple of pics so that you can post them on your feed. If you are using your phone to take images, buy a clip-on macro lens to give a professional look to your photos. For extra content, shoot short videos of each client – this creates dynamic imagery and allows you to get at least 2 posts out of 1 treatment!
  2. Don’t be afraid to post memes! Posting funny content relating to your business or your brand persona is a great way to interact with your followers. Save images you see throughout the week and post them on any days you don’t have anything of your own to put out there. However – make sure to give credit to the original poster of the meme by tagging them in the caption. Make sure to check out our artist’s asset bank (K.B Pro Artist Asset Bank – Google Drive) for images created by us, for you!
  3. Use scheduling tools! Whilst this won’t help you to create the content, setting up you accounts on Meta for Business or Later will help you save time in the long run. Spend an hour or so each week scheduling and planning your content so it will post automatically – this will leave you more time for treatments!

Are you looking for more tips when it comes to social media? Check out our exclusive K.B Pro Guide to Social media (K.B Pro Business Guides – Google Drive) for advice on everything from gaining followers to understanding your analytics. Whilst you’re there, take a look at our guide to Personal Branding too!