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Fake Nouveau Contour needles pose deadly threat for clients & permanent makeup artists


Nouveau Contour have recently been notified to the sale of fake Nouveau Contour needles online.

Nouveau Beauty Group (which is home to Karen Betts Professional, K.B Pro®, HD Brows, Nouveau Contour and Nouveau Skin Therapy) is the only official distributor of Nouveau Contour needles within the UK. This means that buying legitimate needles from any other UK website is simply not possible.

The fake needles, which come packaged in paper imitation EO sterilisation bags, are cause for great concern. Missing significant safety features, the needles pose serious risk of transmitting blood borne diseases such as HIV, Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B between clients.

Nouveau Beauty Group CEO Karen Betts said: “There are no comparisons, only serious and possible life-threatening consequences for both artist and their customer when using prohibited needles.”

Karen went on to explain that the counterfeit needles do not have an integral seal. This means that that bodily fluids and pigment can flow back into the hand piece which then means the hand piece is not sterile for the next client. Karen added: “The lack of needle return is actuated by a spring, which may not sound significant, but means you are allowing the needle to bounce on the return stroke which then causes snagging in the skin and has the potential for double pigmentation.”

How to detect a fake Nouveau Contour needle

  • The needles are being sold on a UK website other than K.B Pro®
  • The needles do not have an integral seal
  • The packaging boasts fake branding and misspellings
  • The needles are packaged in paper imitation EO sterilisation bags
  • There is a lack of manufacturer details
  • The needles are selling for a much cheaper price

What to do if you believe you have mistakenly bought fake needles

Nouveau Beauty Group have been working closely with Environmental Health officials to address this problem. To avoid cross contamination, anyone who may have inadvertently used a fake needle will need to either replace their machine hand piece immediately,or follow this procedure:

  • Strip the hand piece
  • Sonic wash the hand piece
  • Autoclave the hand piece
  • Reassemble

“There could be thousands of fake needles available online, so the advice to all our customers is to be vigilant, to report anything they spot to us or their local trading standards and to remember that only Nouveau Beauty Group is an authorised distributor of genuine Nouveau Contour needles in the UK.” Said Karen.

Gary Blenkinsop, Environmental Health Manager at Wakefield Council, said: “Beauty practitioners need to be aware of their responsibilities to protect the well-being and safety of their clients. They can be prosecuted and if convicted could face a possible prison sentence or an unlimited fine.” 

How to report fake Nouveau Contour needles

We urge our students and trained permanent makeup artists to remain vigilant and report all suspected fake needles to us by calling our team on 01977 655 630 or contacting us via our Contact Form.