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Dos and Don’ts of PMU Skin Prep: Top Tips from our Lead Elite Artist

Dos and Don’ts of PMU Skin Prep: Top Tips from our Lead Elite Artist
Dos and Don’ts of PMU Skin Prep: Top Tips from our Lead Elite Artist

We all know that skin prep is the key to your best retention in PMU, and depending on the client’s skin type, it can make or break the final result. We asked our Lead Elite Artist and Trainer Vikki Banton for her top tips on how to create the perfect canvas.


Remove ALL makeup
Leaving any kind of excess on the skin leaves the treatment area up for infection so make sure you use an oil-based remover that takes off even the toughest waterproof products. Cleanse and Perfect helps remove everything from lash glue, foundation, and even that pesky yellow staining that sticks around after a treatment!
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Control oil
Oilier skin types have a slightly tougher time with pigment retention, so disinfect and tone the skin prior to the treatment with Prime and Prep. This foaming primer contains witch hazel that helps to calm and tame excess sebum. Buy Now

Keep skin calm
Look for products with skin-kind, soothing and gentle ingredients. PMU creates a wound on the skin so as an artist you should try to create the optimum healing conditions for your client and your artwork.


Use harsh ingredients
You should ensure that your client stops using products like retinol, AHAs and BHAs for at least a month prior to treatment if possible. You can use mild actives like the salicylic acid in Prime and Prep to gently exfoliate the skin before the treatment which act to remove dead skin and improve pigment implantation.

Don’t irritate the skin
It is important to use gentle products as prep however you should also apply them with minimal trauma to the treatment site. Avoid scrubbing and causing abrasions with rough baby wipes which can open the skin up and make it susceptible to infection. Irritation can also trigger swelling which could cause inaccurate mapping and skin stretch.

Get perfect results with the Perfect Prep duo, a skin-kind combination of Cleanse and Perfect oil Cleanser and Prime and Prep foaming primer.
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