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Dare To Be Different! Finding your USP in the PMU industry

Dare To Be Different! Finding your USP in the PMU industry
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The PMU and Microblading industry is rapidly expanding – with more awareness of the treatment comes more artists! Whilst we welcome everyone into the community, it can be a struggle to stand out and get those bookings in such a competitive marketplace.

We believe in letting your uniqueness, your background, and your talent set you apart from other artists – this requires confidence, and a certainty on what you are offering as your USP. Your Unique Selling Point is what you have that others don’t – maybe you’re a mum and you do PMU to make some money? Maybe this career has been your dream since you were little. Whatever your story is – tell it.

How to find your USP

Make a list of all the reasons a client would seek out your service.

Then, write how you would solve all these reasons.

The next step is to consider why you can solve these issues. What motivates you and what traits do you have that allow you to deliver a great service that clients cannot get anywhere else?

Finally, draw a triangle and pick the three words you feel best describe you and your motivations from the last step. Place each word or phrase at a corner of the triangle, then write your name or your business in the centre – because after all, no one else can be exactly like you.

Feel free to use our template below, or get creative and draw out your own!

personal branding poster

Want more exercises like this? Maybe you want to figure out how to translate your USP into a visual brand? Check out The K.B Pro Guide to Personal Branding which launched onto our Artist Asset Bank last week! Keep an eye out here on the K.B Pro Insider for another post coming very soon, focusing on the easy ways you can generate content for your social media profiles.

For more info, read our Personal Branding Guide.

10 months ago