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Cleanse & Perfect – A closer look at our revolutionary PMU cleanser

Cleanse & Perfect – A closer look at our revolutionary PMU cleanser
Cleanse & Perfect – A closer look at our revolutionary PMU cleanser

Frustratingly, permanent makeup results are often only as good as the skin they’re on. It is therefore vitally important to prepare the skin thoroughly for any PMU or microblading brow treatments to ensure the best possible results.

The first step to your ultimate PMU skin prep is Cleanse & Perfect Makeup and Excess Pigment Remover, a concentrated dry oil that effortlessly melts away makeup. Ideal for use prior to, during and after a permanent makeup treatment, this silky formulation is suitable for all skin types.


Created to require no rubbing or scrubbing of the skin, this cleanser loosens impurities such as makeup with its oil-based formula. Oils are experts at breaking down the bonds in waterproof and long wear makeup products, so any lash glue or liquid lipstick will be gone in a flash!
The primary ingredient of Cleanse & Perfect is cotton seed oil, which is rich in essential fatty acids known for their ability to enhance pigment penetration and ability to gently balance the skin barrier. The oil helps with moisture retention and provides a unique emollient feel that allows PMU needles and microblading cartridges to glide with ease.


Have you found yourself struggling to remove waterproof makeup or stubborn lash glue residues? Cleanse & Perfect will allow you to cleanse away these products from the brows, eyes and lips with minimal effort, ensuring that the treatment area remains calm with no redness or irritation. Simply dampen some cotton pads with the product and gently sweep over the treatment area to melt away makeup effortlessly.

Up to now, you may have been using wet wipes to remove excess pigment during treatments. Although cost-effective, baby wipes can cause issues such as stinging and sensitivity, especially on eyes and lips. By the end of a treatment, artists report having to apologise for causing discomfort by having to repeatedly wipe the delicate areas. Wet wipes also dry out quickly, reducing their effectiveness. Cleanse & Perfect is the perfect alternative to help avoid these issues. Simply dampen some cotton pads with the product and use these instead of wet wipes for quick removal of excess pigment throughout your procedures. You and your clients will be amazed at the difference

Do you get frustrated with the dreaded yellow staining on the skin after a brow treatment? We all know that the stain is actually a good sign that the neutralisers in the highly concentrated KB Pro Pigments are doing their job. However, it’s not a great look if you’re using your after images for marketing and can alarm your clients who do not understand that the stain is not permanent. Once the treatment is over, leave the skin to settle a little, then once again apply a small amount of Cleanse & Perfect to a cotton pad and lightly swipe over the brow to remove the staining, and get ready for your best before and afters yet!

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