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An introduction to K.B Pro Flaxen Infused pigments

An introduction to K.B Pro Flaxen Infused pigments
An introduction to K.B Pro Flaxen Infused pigments

Our stunning second-generation pigment range, Flaxen, has already made a huge impact, and we couldn’t be more pleased! Just a couple of weeks ago we welcomed the news that we had made the finals of the Micropigmentation UK Awards under the Best Pigment Range category!

If you’ve followed our business news for some time, you’ll know that we have been lucky enough to be crowned with the Best Pigment Award title in the past. It’s been fantastic to hear that our newly improved formulas are now in the running and making positive waves across the industry.

With their beautiful colour retention and ease of use, we knew you’d love our flaxen-infused range just as much as we do.

With that in mind, we thought we’d take today as an opportunity to give you a quick introduction to our second-generation range.

All our pigments are now infused with flaxen – a more natural yellow, which gives a beautifully natural result. Our pigments are designed to combat several key problems that Karen identified whilst reviewing pigments from around the globe:

  • Uneven fade
  • Poor retention
  • Excessive Warmth
  • Residual greying

We have a fantastic selection of pigments to suit clients across the Fitzpatrick scale. To make mixing, adjusting and colour correcting even easier, we also have a range of adjusters.

Light range: Our light range is perfect for those clients who are between 1-3 on the Fitzpatrick scale and includes:

Vienna: A well-balanced light blonde pigment
Monte Carlo: A light-medium cool blonde
Ibiza: A versatile light-medium slightly cool blonde perfect for mature skin
Madrid: Karen’s universal medium cool blond pigment

An introduction to K.B Pro Flaxen Infused pigments | K.B Pro

Medium range:Our medium range is great for those clients between a 104 on the Fitzpatrick scale and inclides:

Las Vegas: A medium warm golden brown
Rome: A very natural, medium, rich slightly warm brown
Medium-dark pigment with a slight amount of warmth
A universal medium to dark brown pigment

Dark range:
Our dark range is well-suited for clients between 3-6 on the Fitzpatrick scale and includes:

Paris: A lovely rich medium to dark brown pigment that heals to a beautiful cool tone
Shanghai: Very dark cool brown with a slight amount of warmth
New York: A dark cool brown pigment which is also very popular for adding depth of colour to other pigments
London: A very dark, very cool brown pigment. Can be used to darken any of the mid-range brow pigments to add depth or cool them down

Adjusters: Our adjuster collection is perfect for saying goodbye to unwanted colour hues. Some of the adjusters also made fantastic additives in order to warm, cool or add additional yellow for pigments in the brow range. Our adjuster range includes:

Dubai: Violet corrector
Casablanca: Warmer grey corrector
St Lucia: Warmer, dark grey/blue corrector
Boston: Light salmon corrector
Vancouver: Red/orange corrector

Dilutor: Our dilutor, Miami, has been formulated to work perfectly with K.B Pro pigments and has been custom created to soften the intensity of K.B Pro pigments.

We understand that selecting and mixing the perfect colours for your clients can sometimes feel daunting. For that reason, we created a Pigment Range Professional Colour Guide that is packed with helpful advice from Karen herself. You’ll also find over 80 case studies to help you in your selections and colour theory.

We can’t wait for you to fall in love with our Flaxen pigments! Click here to shop the full collection today.