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Why we always start with brows in our permanent makeup training

Why we always start with brows in our permanent makeup training

Of all the things people want to know about training with us here at K.B Pro, by far the most frequent question is this: “Do I have to start with brows?”

And our answer is always yes. Because while lips might be your thing in the long term, or you may be on a mission to become the go-to expert in all things permanent eyeliner, believe us when we say you need to learn your brow skills first!

Think of brow know-how as your base layer, the foundation for everything else you will ever do as a permanent cosmetics artist. But, of course, that doesn’t exactly answer the question. Since you might still be curious to know the exact reasons why our training pathway always starts with brows, here they are…

We want you to make a great living

As a K.B Pro permanent cosmetic artist, you’ll love the amazing buzz of giving clients a feel-good confidence boost. But let’s make no bones about it: the financial rewards have to match. Brow treatments are big business. They’re what most consumers come calling for initially, so it would be madness not to possess the skills that bring in the most income. Once you’re making a good income from brow treatments, you can begin adding other permanent makeup strings to your bow.

We want you to have complete confidence to ‘fly solo’ in the big wide world

The Brows Artists module of our training is the one that contains all the building blocks you need to have in place to go out into the world and become a successful permanent cosmetics professional. It’s not just about learning the tattooing techniques. It’s about being well versed in skin biology, facial structure, colour theory and skin undertones – all essential for achieving professional results when you pick up a tattooing tool.

We want you to be a successful business person

There are aspects of becoming a permanent makeup artist that most people haven’t even considered when they first enquire about training with us. They include the legal side of things, like getting yourself covered insurance-wise and making sure you comply with health and safety regulations. And then there’s marketing. You need to know how best to attract clients and build your reputation. All of this is in our Brows Artist module.

We want you to know you’re the crème de la crème

If we can teach you to create perfect, natural-looking hair stroke brows, we know you’ve got what it takes to be able to master every other technique in the book. That’s what the Brows Artist module is geared for.

So whether you choose to start your training with us using a permanent cosmetics digital machine or a microblading hand tool, brows are the only place to start to ensure you cover everything you need to know to be a successful permanent cosmetics artist.

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