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5 Things for Artists to Do in Lockdown


5 Things for Artists to do in Lockdown

Set your 2021 lockdown goals!  

Now we’ve all renewed our membership to the stay-at-home club, let’s do Lockdown 3.0 differently. 

Pause Netflix. Put that banana bread recipe down. We can help you beat the lockdown boredom and get inspired!  

Welcome to your 2021 vision board. Five ideas from your team at K.B Pro to help motivate you during lockdown. 

Goal 1: Become a “know-it-all” on Pigment Colour Theory 

Make the most of your time at home and join our Pigment Mixology interactive webinar. 

This 4-hour online class is perfect for all artists (no matter what pigment range you use). Take your understanding of colour theory to another levelThis easy-to-access webinar will give you the confidence to mix and match the perfect shade to suit any client, ready for our return to clinics. Call 01977 655 630 to find out more or book a place on our next Pigment Mixology webinar. Be quick, limited spaces are left in January and February! 

K.B Pro permanent makeup and microblading brow pigments

5 Things for Artists to Do in Lockdown: Become a know-it-all on K.B Pro Pigment Colour Theory!

Goal 2: Practice and perfect your brow designs  

Design practice is always important as a brow artist, so don’t lock down your creativity, use this time to keep practising your drawing and designs. 

To help you at home, we’ve created our Digital Machine Practice Kit and Microblading Practice Kitcontaining all you need to enhance your drawing skills straight from your living room.  

Look out for our Instagram how-to’s on creating enviable brows with your practice kit: even better, drawing can be really therapeutic and help ease your mind too. 

Already feeling designed out? Increase your drawing skills! Join us for our Advanced Brow Mapping course. This 4-hour online webinar will guide you to perfect your brow designs to suit each individual client, taking face shape and structure, as well as expression and movement into account. 

Call 01977 655 630 to find out more or book a place on our next Advance Brow Mapping webinar. Don’t miss out, those January and February spaces are filling up fast! 

K.B Pro Glider

5 Things for Artists to Do in Lockdown: Practice makes perfect!

Goal 3: Discover Karen’s self-care rituals that will change your mindset

Let’s talk wellbeing – Karen‘s rounded up some of her top tips to help you look after yourself from the inside out.  Sharing is caring! 

Set a daily routine to help start each day right. 

“Plan your day the night before and make the most of your time at home. You’ll also sleep better feeling organised.” 

Spend time doing more things you enjoy to keep yourself feeling positive. 

“For instance, dig out some old photo’s to look through, pour a glass of wine, run a deep bubble bath. Spend time doing whatever but make sure it pleases YOU.” 

Get some fresh air to help to rejuvenate your body and mind.

“Walk, run, cycle, just get out there and get active. Exercise is good for the mind. Above all, when you fall off your bike ?… climb back on and try again!”

Cycling is a great way to keep your body and mind active during lockdown

5 Things for Artists to Do in Lockdown: It doesn’t matter how many times you fall, what matters is that you get right back up again!

Stay connected with your loved ones to support one another. 

“What would we have done if lockdown was 20 years ago? Today’s tech is helping us to stay connected. Whether its Facetime, Zoom or Skype: why not get online and check in on friends and family? You might just brighten up someone’s day.” 

Declutter or organise your workspace so you’re prepared to get back to business. 

“It’s the perfect time for a Spring Clean! Our kit bags or home clinics are a good place to start. Spend an hour or two organising your pigment shades, categorising your needles and doing a product stock check to make sure you have every you need ready to get back into creating beautiful brows, eyes or lips”. 

If you find you have something missing from your kit. You can visit our online shop.

Goal 4: Send positive vibes to your fellow artists

We have the best community of artists under our wing, and we love to see you supporting one another.  

Visit our Instagram to join the community and give other artists a confidence boost by liking and leaving encouraging messages on their incredible work. 

We would love to share your work too, use the hashtag #KBArtistAppreciation to join our competition each month. 

Our K.B Pro 2021 vision board

5 Things for Artists to Do in Lockdown: Join us over on Instagram!


Goal 5: Attend a FREE Masterclass

Master the only microblading tool you’ll ever need with our 90-minute online Glider MasterclassBrought to you by Karen Betts and K.B Pro Creative Director, Sarah Coltonyou’ll learn how to craft limitless brow styles to suit any client, using the next generation of hand tools. 

Join the countdown so you don’t miss out 

Sarah Colton and Karen Betts

5 Things for Artists to Do in Lockdown: Join our FREE masterclasses to advance your artistry!


What are you waiting for? Get involved with our 2021 goals checklist on Instagram (Don’t forget to tag us @KBProUK) 


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