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4 Looks you can create with a Microblading tool

4 Looks you can create with a Microblading tool

From LA to London, microblading has become the holy grail of brow treatments. Whether it’s young women desperate to thicken out their eyebrows to get that Cara Delevingne boy-brow look… or more mature women whose brows are thinning and fading… or women of all ages who have suffered brow loss through illness or over-plucking… as soon as they discover it’s the answer to their prayers, they’re all beating a path to the door of their nearest technician.

As we all know, the beauty of the microblade is the finesse it gives you, allowing you to create perfectly natural-looking brows by tattooing the finest of fine brow hairs. That is, of course, the default technique, the one that’s expected of you. But did you know there’s much more you can do with a microblade? If you didn’t learn to tattoo with K.B Pro, you may not realise there are more styles you can learn so you can appeal to the tastes of a wider client base. Take a look!


microblading realism eyebrows

Advanced Realism Eyebrows

Hair stroke brows taken to another level of realism by creating the very finest of strokes with the microblade. They’re the ultimate optical illusion.

microblading fusion eyebrows

Fusion Eyebrows

Hair stroke brows meet powdered brows. The fusion effect is achieved by combining both your realism stroke techniques and stippling to create natural-looking brows that appear as if lightly made up.

microblading ombre eyebrows

Ombre Eyebrows

Created using a stippling technique and grading the colours to give a soft powdered light and shade effect.

microblading sculpture eyebrows

Sculpture Eyebrows

Highly defined, these brows are created by mixing strokes with powerful shade to create shape and give a sculptured look.

So there you have it. Your microblade is actually a lot more versatile than you realised. Let us know if you’d like to add these techniques to your skillset. We’re always happy to help you grow.

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