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Pigment Mixology Training Course

Become a pigment mixology master through expert direction on all things colour theory. The perfect add on class for all microblading or PMU artists at any stage of their career.


What is Pigment Mixology for Microblading, Tattoo and Permanent Makeup?

This exciting, in-depth  colour  theory mixology class enables you to develop your knowledge of permanent makeup pigments, whatever range you may use.  We teach you how to really understand the background of  colour  to ensure you are using your pigments to their maximum capacity, enabling you to effectively meet individual clients needs and expectations. Whether you want to l earn how to master shade selection or blend to perfection, you will walk away feeling like a true pigment mixologist. Our easy to access online course allows you to begin learning from the comfort of your own home, right away.

Pigment Mixology Course Details

Your Training Journey

£125 + VAT (training only)

4-hour interactive class

Easy-access live online webinar

Hosted by an Elite Trainer

Suitable for all artists

Flexible payments available


I thought the pigment training was well worth the time. It was much better working on examples in person with the trainers help and guidance, than trying to learn the skills by reading about it. A much recommended course.

Samia Khan

K.B Pro Pigment Mixology Course Content Icon

The Fitzpatrick Scale

How to use it and its relevance for permanent makeup Icon

Customised Pigment Blending

Create your own blends to make your clients treatment truly bespoke Icon

Colour Perception

Truly understand how colour in the skin is percepted Icon

Pigment Selection

Selecting the right pigment for your client and their skin type Icon

Pigment Retention

Technical tips to help improve your colour retention

How much does it cost to do Pigment Mixology Training?

It costs £125 +VAT to learn how to properly mix pigments. However, as with all our training courses, we offer flexible payments to ensure that training and future earning opportunities are available to everyone. We offer various payment options – including Klarna, so you can pay in 30 days after booking, or over 3 months with no interest or credit checks.

How much does it cost to do Pigment Mixology Training? Image

Pigment Mixology FAQs

Should I have a PMU or Microblading qualification before I attend the Pigment Mixology Course?

We recommend you attend your K.B Pro Pigment Mixology training once you have completed your foundation academy days. This will support your learning and allow you to apply your new skills in your case studies.

Do I not learn all of this on the K.B Pro Foundation Course?

Basic colour theory is a big section of our microblading and permanent make up foundation classes, however we could talk for DAYS on pigments and colour – you really can never learn enough. That’s why we’ve dedicated a day to it, to pass our knowledge onto you.

What are the best microblading pigments?

Our K.B Pro Pigments have been developed and designed by Karen Betts who has over 20 years of experience in the field. You can view and purchase our K.B Pro Pigments here.

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