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Microblading Training Course by K.B Pro

We're no longer accepting enquiries for this course.


What is Microblading?

Microblading is a method used to create super realistic hair stroke brows. It involves using a disposable hand-tool with super fine needles to deposit pigment within the upper dermis layer of the skin to create the illusion of brow hair.

Microblading course details

Our Microblading course consists of:

Comprehensive online learning: pre and post training theory
3 days academy training
1 academy assessment day Icon

Course Cost:

£1,995 + VAT (training only) Icon


A KB Pro Qualified & Certified certificate Icon

Training Level:

Suitable for beginners Icon


Extra value product kits available

We had a lot of preparation training before working on a real-life model and I felt pretty confident when the time came. It’s was a great course all in all and felt confident when I walked away to treat my own clients. The good thing is that I felt they were thorough so they only pass you if they feel confident you will be safe to practice.

Anna Marie Bowser

What microblading techniques will I learn on the course?

During our Microblading course, you will learn a range of techniques including: Icon

Anatomy of the skin

How this impacts a microblading treatment Icon

Design & Artistry

Introduction to brow mapping – how to create shape and texture Icon

Health & Safety

Detailed information on how to protect your client and yourself while microblading Icon

Client Consultation & Aftercare

How to perform a thorough consultation, and meet their needs and expectations Icon

Colour Theory & Pigment Retention

Learn how to mix shades, how deep to implant the pigment, and how to ensure it lasts Icon

Tools of the trade

How to use the most effective tools for optimum results

How do I become a microblading technician?


Book your microblading training with K.B Pro

Complete your home study Image 2

Complete your home study


Attend our live webinar and 3 academy days

Complete your case studies, alongside our expert mentoring Image 4

Complete your case studies, alongside our expert mentoring


Pass your Microblading Assessment Day

Start your new career as a Microblading artist! Image 6

Start your new career as a Microblading artist!

How much can I make doing microblading?

The brow market is estimated to be worth over £20 million annually. Use our handy earnings calculator to work out how much you could earn through taking advantage of the demand.

Treatments Per Week

1 4 12

Cost Per Treatment

295 350 395

Takings per treatment *


Weekly takings **


Annual takings ***

Enquire Now

*Based on average figures. Income not guaranteed. The figures provided are inclusive of VAT and indicate takings only, not profit. **Based on a 4 week month. ***Based on 48 working weeks.

Why should I train with K.B Pro? Image

Why should I train with K.B Pro?

Join the UK’s industry-leading Permanent Makeup Academy and become a Full Face PMU artist. Our comprehensive training course ensures you can meet the soaring demand for permanent makeup treatments.

Not only is our customer service and mentoring award winning, our 2:1 student to trainer ratio means you’re getting the best possible training so you can complete your course feeling confident and reassured to perform your new skills. We provide the training models so all you have to focus on is getting the most out of your practical training. We also offer several flexible and affordable finance options so you can spread the cost of training over a period of time.


Where Does the K.B Pro Microblading Course Run?

K.B Pro Microblading training is available at our West Yorkshire academy in South Elmsall.

How Quickly Can I Qualify In K.B Pro Microblading?

We advise it takes around 3-6 months to train to become qualified in microblading, though this depends per student and confident in delivering microblading treatments.

Do I Have To Provide My Own Models For Microblading Training?

We will provide models for your practical academy day, however you will need to bring your own model for your final assessment.

Do You Run A Microblading Conversion Course?

We don’t offer conversion courses – however those who have trained elsewhere are very welcome to take our full K.B Pro Microblading course to build their confidence and learn our award winning techniques.

Do I Need Any Previous Qualifications To Train In Microblading?

You don’t need any previous microblading or beauty qualifications to join the K.B Pro Foundation Courses – everyone is welcome!

How Long Does A Microblading Course Take?

Our microblading course is covered over 3 academy days, with a final assessment day once you have completed your case studies at home, but it can take around 3-6 months to become fully qualified. Additionally, you’ll have a pre-read manual to complete before you attend our course.

How Much Is The Brow Market Worth?

The brow market is estimated to be worth £20 million annually (source:  Financial Times). With this level of demand, qualified microbladers are highly sought after by consumers.

Do You Need A License To Do Microblading In The UK?

Certain local councils and insurers require you to hold a Level 4 qualification to be able to practice microblading in certain locations. We recommend that you check with your local council to determine if this is required, and speak with us about adding our bespoke qualification to your training package.

Can I Perform Microblading At Home?

We strongly advise that all microblading treatments are completed in a clinical environment.  Unless you had an allocated treatment room in your home which fulfilled all your council’s stipulations and requirements, we would advise to rent a treatment room from another beauty professional.

Is It Hard To Learn Microblading?

Microblading can be straightforward to learn, but only when taught by experts and in a specialised educational environment. Having said that, everyone learns at a different pace, and everyone’s skill will be different. We can teach you the techniques, however success as a microblading artist is no accident. It requires hard work, study, and most of all passion.

Is Microblading A Good Career Choice?

Microblading is a great career choice! Not only is there significant consumer demand for microblading treatments, the life changing impact it can have on your clients life is incredibly motivating.

What payment plans are available for the Microblading Training Course?

We offer several flexible and affordable payment options, such as Klarna, to help you manage the cost of your Microblading training course. Find out more about our  finance options.