Training Confirmation Terms and Conditions

  • These Terms and Conditions apply to all beauty courses offered by Nouveau Beauty Group Ltd and High Definition Brows Ltd, also referred to as ‘The Company’, ‘We, ‘Our’ or ‘Us’ for the purposes of this document


  1. The total price for the training course or package purchased is listed on your invoice which will be sent separately.
  2. Payment in full and acceptance of the Terms and Conditions are required to enrol on the course and to receive access to the pre-read manuals and equipment provided as part of the course.
  3. Places on courses will be allocated on a first come – first served basis.
  4. Should any student feel that they do not wish to proceed with the training once they have started the course, there will be no entitlement to a refund of any payment. Students are deemed to have started the course as soon as the training manuals have been received.


  1. All transactions are deemed to be business to business
  2. The training fee is non-refundable once the pre-read login details have been received.
  3. Due to unforeseen circumstances, inclement weather, road accidents and other force majeure, it may be necessary to cancel, postpone or suspend all or part of any course or workshop. Although every effort will be made to ensure all courses are delivered, in the event that the company is forced to cancel any training, assessment or workshop days, every effort will be made to reschedule at a mutually agreeable time. The Company will not be held responsible for additional expenses incurred by students as a result of cancellations for reasons that are beyond our control.
  4. If a student wishes to change the date of their initial training this can be rebooked however, they will be charged a £150 admin fee for each event/module.

Training Materials and Courses

  1. Failure to complete any at home case studies in time frames provided may result in any practical days being cancelled, new dates can/ (remove space) will be re-booked with a booking fee which will be at the current market rate.
  2. All training materials will be provided online, however, a paper version is available at a cost of £50, which includes postage and packing.
  3. If you are unable to attend the course for any reason, we will be unable to provide a refund. Failure to attend any study or practical course, that is booked individually or is included as part of a package will also be forfeited if you fail to attend. The course can be rebooked at full price.
  4. Failure to complete any at home case studies within time-frames stipulated will result in the remainder of your training being removed and your account closed.
  5. If you are prone to illness, suffer repeated illness or have an on-going medical complaint that may affect your ability to attend a course, you are recommended to take adequate medical insurance to cover any loss. Business insurance should be taken out to cover you should any unforeseen circumstances arise as we are not able to cover your losses.
  6. We will make every effort to accommodate your requirements should you need to reschedule training. Priority will be given to existing confirmed bookings.


  1. In order to obtain the certification, the student must pass all the required course components including any practical assessments within the timeframes provided.
  2. Models will not be provided for assessment days; students must source their own models.
    Completion of the training does not automatically guarantee certification or competence.
  3. Trainers may request further case studies or that the student re-sit part of the course in order to meet the required standards.
  4. There is no additional charge for the assessment day.
  5. A date for your final assessment will be booked during or soon after your training period. Should you fail to attend a pre-agreed assessment date, you will forfeit your right to a free assessment. A new assessment date can/will be re-booked with a booking fee which will be charged at £150.
  6. If the trainer believes that your development would be best served through alternative practice mediums, we reserve the right to refuse to allow you to perform a treatment on a model.
  7. When sourcing models for final assessment, please note that the legal minimum age for anyone wishing to have a permanent cosmetics procedure is 18 years. It is not permitted to undertake permanent cosmetics procedures on expectant and breast-feeding mothers.
  8. All models will be required to complete a medical health questionnaire to confirm they have no conditions contra-indicative to receiving the treatment.
  9. All models are required to complete the standard pre-procedure sensitivity patch tests and assessment process to ensure they are suitable for treatment. If the patch test reveals sensitivity, the model will not be allowed to have the treatment.
  10. We will not be held responsible for the non-attendance of models and may, at the discretion of the trainers, take whatever measures are necessary to allow students to complete the course.


  1. Prior to commencing a business in permanent cosmetics, it may be necessary to register your business with your local authority or acquire a special treatment licence. We recommend that students familiarise themselves with the requirements of the authorising authority covering the area or areas in which they intend to work and will not be held liable for students who do not meet any Local Authority licensing criteria.
  2. Students must complete all sections of the training package within a specified period of time from the date the pre-study manual is received. Microblading for Brows, 6 months. Digital Permanent Makeup for Brows, 6 months and Digital Permanent Makeup Full Face, 12 months.
  3. Students are to provide their own lunch.
  4. Whilst students are on the academy premises attending a training course or assessment, they are fully covered by the respective company insurance. Students are not covered whilst undertaking case studies when away from these premises and therefore must arrange for their own insurance to be in place. Should it not be possible to obtain insurance through your existing insurer, we recommend Holistic Insurance who can provide full cover for students during their home study period and their ongoing business. Holistic insurance is an independent broker and not affiliated to any of the companies.

Updated: 13/07/2022