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Permanent Makeup Prep & Aftercare

Keep skin soft, clean, smooth, and soothed with our range of skin preparation and permanent makeup aftercare products. Specifically formulated to optimise the skin environment for improved pigment implantation and retention during a PMU treatment and create optimum healing conditions.

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  1. K.B Pro Grow & Protect Brow Growth Serum with Lid
    Grow & Protect SPF50 Brow Growth Serum
  2. Cleanse & Perfect Make-Up and Excess Pigment Remover K.B Pro
    Cleanse & Perfect Make-Up and Excess Pigment Remover
  3. Prime & Prep Pigment Retention Foam K.B Pro
    Prime & Prep Pigment Retention Foam
  4. Care & Repair 5ml
    Care & Repair 5ml
  5. Care & Repair 5ml (10 pack) K.B Pro
    Care & Repair 5ml (10 pack)
    Out of stock
  6. Soothing Balm K.B Pro
    Soothing Balm
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