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Shop our award-winning K.B Pro Permanent Makeup Pigment range. Pioneered by Karen Betts and a leading pigment Chemist, this range includes Pigments for Permanent Eyeliner, Digital Brow, Areola, Scar & Camouflage, Lip Blush and Microblading treatments. For use with Microblading Hand Tools and Permanent Makeup Machines, our Pigments effortlessly tattoo into skin and heal to true intended colour, eventually fading to hues that continue to appear perfectly natural, thanks to the K.B Pro unique Flaxen Pigment Technology.

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  1. Nouveau Contour Brow Pigments K.B Pro
    Nouveau Contour Brow Pigments
    As low as £37.95
  2. Nouveau Contour Lip Pigments
    Nouveau Contour Lip Pigments
    As low as £37.95
  3. Nouveau Contour Camouflage Pigments
    Nouveau Contour Camouflage Pigments
    As low as £37.95
  4. Nouveau Contour Correction Pigments K.B Pro
    Nouveau Contour Correction Pigments
    As low as £37.95
  5. Nouveau Contour Brow Fusion Pigments
    Nouveau Contour Brow Fusion Pigments
    As low as £39.95
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