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Back To Work… Back To Permanent Make Up


Back To Work… Back To Permanent Make Up


The UK government has made the decision to postpone the easing of lockdown restrictions for at least two weeks… we’re feeling disappointed and we’re sure you will be too. This will affect close contact services and therefore you – our permanent makeup artists. We know many of you were ready to restart as of tomorrow and now the earliest treatments can resume is the 15th August. Even though we feel deflated, we must continue to follow government guidelines in order to keep our clients (and ourselves) safe. In the meantime, there’s lots we can do to remain focused and positive.

If you haven’t already, you can complete our Back To Beauty COVID-19: Hygiene & Safety Course and purchase PPE from our website. We’ve updated our course following the latest government guidelines around One Metre Plus and close contact services; the areas we’ve updated are infection control, PPE and returning to work. For more information on close contact services, click here.

If you’ve completed our course already, revisit relevant sections by downloading the course again from your account page. Plus, here you’ll find more helpful advice that will help you feel confident for the future, but we know that so many of you feel positive and raring to go.

We’re one big family… we’re here for you.

Team K.B Pro

Back To Beauty COVID-19: Hygiene & Safety Course

Establishing strict hygiene measures has always been a huge part of K.B Pro. Karen Betts, our founder, has practiced and purposefully implemented exceptionally high levels of hygiene and safety across all her brands in the Nouveau HD Beauty Group, due to her background and passion in permanent make up. We’re incredibly excited to announce that we have a ‘Back to Beauty’ virtual course now live, developed collaboratively with our group brands, utilising Karen’s industry leading knowledge.

The Back to Beauty COVID-19: Hygiene & Safety Course has been designed to provide you with information about the COVID-19 pandemic and the steps you can take to help prevent the spread of infection while working. The course includes interactive modules and you can choose an in-depth, relevant ‘back to work’ section depending on your working situation (whether you have your own clinic or have a beauty room in your own home). Head to our shop now!

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Not only does Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) provide protection for you and your clients, it demonstrates that you’re taking the necessary precautions to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Anyone who is part of the K.B Pro family will know that we have always taken pride in our exceptionally high hygiene standards. That’s why (by working together as a group) we’ve been able to provide you with PPE – which you can purchase directly from our shop.

We know the demand for PPE and hygiene products has been outweighing supply, which has seen prices fluctuate, and that’s been the case with our suppliers too. As part of Nouveau HD Beauty Group, we’re making a promise to our customers that we will share any savings we receive on pricing from suppliers with you. This might mean our pricing changes every now and then with new stock, however we want to ensure where we save, you save.

Where we save you save stamp Nouveau HD Beauty Group

Waiting lists

To avoid the surge in clients, many salons have created waiting lists for appointments. A waiting list is a great way to ensure that your loyal customers can get early appointments. The fairest, most logical way to organise your waiting list is by prioritising clients who had appointments booked in after the UK went into lockdown (on the 23rd March) and look to rebook them. By establishing an order of appointments that have been cancelled, you can reschedule appointments efficiently.

Waiting List Now Open KB Pro Artists

Check your stock levels

You’ll need to consider your PPE stock levels as well as hygiene products. Do you have an adequate supply of hand sanitiser, disinfectant wipes and PPE? Ensure you have enough stock and create a designated area where staff and clients can sanitise their hands, as well as pedal bins for hygienic disposal. Kindly ask clients to put on PPE as soon as they arrive and show them where to wash their hands (if you don’t already it’s a good idea to display a handwashing guide).

As permanent make up artists we are already dedicated to high levels of hygiene and safety and are used to wearing PPE. Use your existing knowledge and practises to further assure your clients.

Review your costs

Now is the time to review your treatment costs and ask yourself whether you’ve been charging the correct prices, as well as reviewing any overheads. In the wake of COVID-19, you not only need to consider the cost of treatments and products (including hygiene products and PPE), but also the ‘cost’ of your time. Given the time that will be needed to thoroughly sanitise and disinfect your work area and professional tools before and after treatments, the number of client appointments you can schedule per day will be reduced, unless you increase your working hours.

Marketing support for reopening

We are always here to support our permanent make up artists. We wanted to do something that will give you and your clients a little reassurance. After completing our COVID-19: Hygiene & Safety Course, you will receive a certificate! Make sure you display your certificate in your clinic and take pride in your achievement. We’ll also provide you with a social graphic (a safety certified stamp) that you can post on your Instagram feed, demonstrating your achievement to your clients.

Certified and read to restart permanent make-up stamp KB Pro

Get prepared

We want you to feel as confident as possible on your return to permanent make up. Be sure to revisit your training manuals to give you a confidence boost and keep an eye out for supporting content that will be sent out to you on email (make sure your contact preferences are up to date, so you don’t miss out!). If you feel a little overwhelmed (which is perfectly normal) don’t forget our online support forum where you can ask our trainers, support teams or thousands of other artists for help and advice.  We’re all in this together.


Wearing PPE for long periods of the day may cause your skin to become dehydrated – spots and bumps may appear around your chin and mouth due to dampness that builds up underneath facemasks. Ensure that you are drinking lots of water and stick to a nourishing skincare routine to avoid flareups. Don’t forget, find ways to relax and unwind during your first busy few weeks.

We hope you found this information useful. Keep an eye out for further updates on our hygiene and safety course. In the meantime, stay positive.

UPDATED 1st JULY 2020.