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What you need to know about REACH


We know REACH is a hot topic in our industry right now and is causing quite a lot of confusion.

Here at K.B Pro we have been working with legal and political bodies, research and development teams, and the wider industry to ensure we can bring you the facts and help remove some of the fear that’s being created.

What is REACH?

REACH stands for Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals.

It is a regulation which improves the protection of human health and the environment from risks that can be posed by chemicals.

What are the EU REACH Regulation changes about?

These new regulations apply to the European Union only and are not specific to the PMU industry. They cover changes to over 4,000 substances, as well as labelling. Essentially, the new regulations would mean the concentration limits on certain substances, commonly found in pigments, would be substantially reduced. These EU REACH regulations are enforceable from 4 January 2022.

Does this impact outside of the EU?

No, this is specific to the EU.

As of January 2021, the UK are no longer part of EU REACH. The UK Health & Safety Executive (HSE) have begun their own process to decide if any restrictions should be placed on PMU pigments. The initial stage of this process is a call for evidence, we have contributed to this stage of the process.

When will we know if this impacts UK REACH?

The HSE process began earlier this year, with the call for evidence submitted in early November. We don’t have any exact timelines, but have been advised that this could be a lengthy process, with any change in legislation coming into place in approximately 3 years.

How will the changes affect K.B Pro Pigments?

Right now, they don’t. We continue to be compliant with UK regulations. We will however continue to work on our formulations to ensure we maintain the best quality and safest pigments in the market. None of our pigments contain and will never contain any banned raw pigment powders or banned chemicals/carriers.

For our European Union customers, we are working on a line that specifically caters to the EU REACH 2022 regulatory suggestions. There will be more news on this early next year.

Our commitment to you

We will continue to work to ensure we’re supplying you with safe and compliant pigments.

We will continue to work closely with legal and political bodies, research and development teams, and the wider industry to be able to always bring you the facts.

As we learn more, we will continue to update you.